Priston Tale 2 gets new content

Game Bridger Entertainment announced today a substantial update to Priston Tale 2: The Second Enigma. The update features the “Damned Burial Ground”, a previously undiscovered area of the Priston continent, in which the game is set. The Damned Burial Ground brings with it fearsome new monsters to battles, powerful items to collect, and exciting new quests for players to take on.
The Damned Burial Ground is a dark and dreary place built on the souls of fallen soldiers and demons alike. In this cursed land, players will encounter formidable new monsters to battles and exciting new quests to embark on. To prepare new players for their trek to the Burial Ground, Game Bridger Entertainment has also announced the all-new “Master and Apprentice” program, a new feature on the official Priston Tale 2 website that allows experienced players to help new players through the early stages of the game while earning previously unreleased in-game items! With this great new system and the release of the Damned Burial Ground, now is the best time for new players to begin their journey through the vast and magical world of Priston Tale 2.

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  1. Santhi September 4, 2012 at 12:18 PM -

    The game now uses a database to log all moves for all game types. The poripaluty for a move is compounded whenever the same move is performed for a certain board layout. If a move doesn’t exist, the chess client picks a move for the AI player. This allows for rudimentary training of the AI by human players. If playing the computer, press the take back move’ button if the AI move is a bad one. Playing alternatively as white and black against the AI will also increase the training.

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