Preview on New Harbor Blockade, the new version of Voyage Century

The new version of Voyage Century, New Harbor Blockade, will be launched soon. The new Harbor Blockade update features mysterious high seas instances, cool apparel shapeshifts, a new ship restructuring system and lots more. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the most anticipated additions in Harbor Blockade.

The update introduces a new gameplay element, the Harbor Blockade. Based on the naval war waged in the English Channel between England and Spain, it includes many memorable historical events. Players take on the role of the English forces and must repel attacks from the Spanish fleet. Success hinges upon blocking the Spanish fleet and preventing it from crossing the English Channel. Players will need cunning tactics to achieve victory.
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With more brand new vessels like the Apollo Warship, the Aries Warship and many cool NPC ships, the Harbor Blockade update has something for everyone. The Apollo Warship has fierce cannons and strong armor to help you intimidate enemies and protect your trade goods. The Aries Warship is a devastating attack ship. This corsair shines when engaged in large-scale ocean combat. It has high-caliber cannons as main weapons, strong armor and plenty of attack power to sink your enemies. When battle rages, you’ll also see plenty of new NPC ships, such as the Fiery Dragon Warship, Twin Warship, Fog Warship, Scout Ship, Medical Ship and Commanding Warships. With so many ships and tactical options, large battles will be an even greater challenge. A commander’s leadership, strategy and sailor arrangement are all important when adjusting to changing battle conditions on the fly.

Other additions include brand new pirate and captain apparel sets, ship figureheads, and weapons like the Fiery Dragon Projectile, Smog Bombs and other new bombs. These can drastically increase a ship’s attributes, and give players more options for customization.

To celebrate the launch of a new server and the content-rich update, the Voyage Century team has prepared many cool events and gifts for both new and veteran players. Stay online for 4 hours to claim incredible in-game rewards, or join Voyage Century’s new server and receive a valuable newbie bag for free.

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