Preview of the new Hero cards of Sword Girls

Here comes a preview of the four new Hero cards waiting for players in Sword Girls, an anime-style online card MMO about swords, sorcery, and schoolgirls.

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The heroes of this cards use their heroism to change the tide of battle. Each Character focuses on affecting a single Follower at the start of the turn. An additional change will be applied to a Follower if you are outnumbered by the enemy. Finally, a Follower will experience one last change if your Hand has at least as many cards as the enemy Hand.

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Sita focuses on buffing the Attack and Stamina of an allied Follower.

Click image for larger version. Name:	Cinia copia_1.jpg Views:	65 Size:	44.6 KB ID:	15016
Cinia first blasts a random enemy, targeting their Defense and Stamina.

Click image for larger version. Name:	Luthica copia_1.jpg Views:	64 Size:	48.7 KB ID:	15014
Luthica, punches a hole in a random enemy Follower, lowering their Stamina.

Click image for larger version. Name:	Iri copia_1.jpg Views:	59 Size:	46.7 KB ID:	15017
Iri relies on relentlessly disarming a single enemy Follower up to three times through striking their Attack and Stamina.

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