Planetside 2 has presented one of its factions, The Vanu Soreveignty, with a video and some screenshots

Sony Online Entertaintment has released a video and several pictures showing the designs of the Vanu Sovereignty, one of the factions will be present in PlanetSide 2.

Known as the techno-evangelists, this new material will allow us to see how their ships and armor.

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They have been called "Religious nut jobs", "Techno-evangelist", and a "Tran-humanist Cult." The Vanu Sovereignty would find those terms to be dismissive and born of ignorance. They are what we would call true believers. The V.S. firmly believes that technology and knowledge hold the answers to all of mankind's problems. It has been said that "The Ancients" (the ones that actually created the tech that the V.S. use) have shown them the way. They believe that they have been "blessed" with the gift of technology and power to "smite those that stand against the pursuit of knowledge and power". The V.S. also believes that everyone should have the freedom to believe in the ancients just as they do.

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