Picaroon announces its worldwide pc release

Blitz 1UP, is excited to announce the launch of MMORTS Picaroon, developed by Nice Technology, for worldwide PC release.

“We’ve been hooked on playing Picaroon since it first landed in our inbox,” says Neil Holmes, Blitz 1UP Producer. “This game kicks all sorts of crazy ass and we’re incredibly excited to be helping the guys at Nice Technology unleash their game on new players the world over.”

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Adds Paul Baker, Nice Technology’s General Manager: “We are a small independent team and are really pleased to be working with Blitz and benefiting from their experience, which would take us years to accumulate. On a personal level, the Blitz 1UP team have really been a great support to me. Moreover, given that GDC is upon us now, it’s really valuable to have Blitz represent Nice Technology in San Francisco while we can carry on with the tasks that we need to finish here in Cambridge to make Picaroon the best game it can be!”

Supporting up to 500 players at once Picaroon is a free-to-play persistent Real Time Strategy game set in a watery world of the future where empires hold on to the little land remaining by fighting vast sea battles.

Starting with one island, players gather resources to construct fleets and find new territories. Some islands are deserted, while others are occupied by pirates, allies or enemies. Choose tactically and expand the empire through diplomacy or all out war!

One game, three great ways to play: Skirmish games last hours, Classics weeks and Persistent games never end. Experience the finale of the End Game where the warlords provide super weapons for one final wave of intense battle.

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