Perfect World unveils the PVP system of Forsaken World

Perfect World Entertainment unveiled details of Forsaken World‘s PvP system where players will be able to absorb the Soul Orbs of their enemies to unleash brutal attacks. When it comes to PvP in Forsaken World, the name of the game is being the one to take the initiative. The PvP system for Forsaken World involves an ever changing battlefield, with movement and initiative taking key roles.

"Starting at level 30, any player can activate the Awaken Wrath option that is automatically granted to them. This will give you a sharp boost to your fighting ability when targeting other players, but will also leave your soul vulnerable to direct attacks. When struck in this mode, you have a chance to scatter Soul Orbs around the battlefield. The objective at this point is to gather these orbs before your enemy does. Once you gather enough, your power will go through the roof, and depending on your mood, you can at this point either crush and/or smash anything in your way.

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Remember that both you and your target have the potential to drop these Soul Orbs, so stay mobile, control your opponents movement’s with snares or other movement restricting abilities, and get to those orbs before anyone else does. This is the keystone for a successful PvP battle.

Keep in mind that although you can attack anyone above level 30, there are penalties involved for engaging in ruthless killing sprees. The more “innocenents” that you kill (people with a white name), the more infamy you will generate – which results in your name turning into ever darkening shades of red. At this point, you are in danger of dropping unbound items from your inventory upon death, as well as losing maximum durability on your items."




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