Perfect World International Releases the Elysium Expansion


Perfect World International's 12th expansion, Elysium, goes live today as the free to play MMORPG debuts on Steam. This massive content update introduces housing, new mounts and flyers, a new 10-player dungeon, the new dragonbreath weapons, and boundless gear with better stats for PvP combat.

The new housing system, available for characters with level 90 and above, will allow players to get and customize their own homes. Hundreds of different designs are available and players will be able to trade, craft and post jobs within their houses.

Elysium also brings Uncharted Paradise, a 10-player dungeon for max-level players that will provide those who can complete it with incredible rewards, such as the materials needed to create the new Dragonbreath weapons, the most powerful weapons in the game.

Watch the trailer: