Perfect World International celebrates its 4th anniversary


Today, September 11, Perfect World International starts its fourth anniversary celebration. The very successful free-to-play MMORPG has just reached the 4-years milestone and the dev team is really excited to share their happiness with the game community.

"The PWI community is vast, talented, and extremely vocal, we are continually blown away by our players' passion for the game, and nothing makes us happier than to show our appreciation for them during this fun yearly event." Said Product manager Tony Liu.

The PWI team promises that all the players will receive a special anniversary gift depending on the date since they are playing the game. There will be different prizes like a companion called “Marmot Style” or a brand new snake mount called “Doom’s Stare”. There will also be a lottery and 500 players will be selected at random and will receive a free 500 ZEN token each.

For more details about the initiative and the game feel free to visit the official website.

Source of informations: Perfect World Entertainment press release.

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