Perfect World Entertaintment has launched new videos of War of the Immortals and Blacklight Retribution

Perfect World Entertaintment has released a brand new War of the Immortals Slayer Class video from the Class Spotlight series and a Blacklight Retribution Developer Diary named Bred for Battle.

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In War of the Immortals, the Slayer Class video showcases the Slayer's wicked fighting style. Their strong offensive abilities, physical and magical skills, and sharp weapons make them a lethal advisory.

This class has mastered a balance of physical and magical skills. Their fighting style leaves them with little defense, but their offensive capabilities make up for it. Their skills focus on inflicting a heavy dose of damage in a short period of time, making them fearsome assassins.



Blacklight Retribution Dev Diary 4: Bred for Battle is all about customization. In the video you can see the guys from Zombie Studios talk about the in-depth customization tools for not only your character, but your weapons as well.



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