Perfect World Entertainment is celebrating the arrival of Valentine’s Day, with events for all its games

With the arrival of Valentine's Day, Perfect World Entertainment is kicking off a slew of in-game events across its titles and giving players a chance to obtain Valentine gifts.

Players can also take advantage of wedding fashions, romantic items, spectacular mounts, mystery boxes, and more!

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Perfect World International - GMs will be roaming the servers in hopes of finding friendly chit-chat and hugs, while welcoming any photo-op requests. Best event themed screenshot will win his or her choice of a rare mount.

Forsaken World - Players can choose to receive a Valentine's Day card and a random item from four different NPCs. Players can get the random item once per day during the event period. Event lasts from February 14-21.

War of the Immortals - Get your chocolate fix in Atlantis by collecting them off the ground and hand them in to an NPC for more experience points. Event lasts from February 14-21.

Rusty Hearts - Show your love for Rusty Hearts by entering the art contest to win Roselle Vegerius, the latest premium character in-game.

Jade Dynasty - Collective wedding event, a free Tiger Mask for players who get married, and a set of free gifts including a 7-day Aeon Lion mount for every player who logs in on February 14.

Ether Saga Odyssey - Join the masses in getting married, bid for a rare pet, send a custom broadcast message, and enter the screenshot contest for a chance to gain EXP and other special items.

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