Path of Exile, exclusive duelist act 2 gameplay videos


Today we prepared for you 2 exclusive gameplay videos of Path of Exile, showing off the Duelist archetype while adventuring through the act 2 at Cruel difficulty.

The Duelist is a hybrid character class that excels at both Strength and Dexterity skills.

The act 2 awaits you. Farther inland, through the twisting caves and darkened forests, the ruins of civilisation become more apparent. The ravages of time have worn many buildings to rubble, and stripped away decaying flesh, leaving only grotesquely grinning bones. The dark, fetid caves and underground passages are a clattering refuge for these skeletal ranks, while the open forests and riverways brim with monstrous beasts with a taste for blood. Recently, ragtag groups of bloodthirsty bandits have built fortified camps in the forest, openly challenging one another while extorting food and supplies from the small, struggling village that sits between them atop a stone dam. Ignored by the squabbling bandits, strange newcomers clad in black armor have been seen skulking around various large ruins, their purpose both mysterious yet unsettling.

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