Patch 8.6 arrives to Victory: The Age of Racing

Vae Victis has implement a new content update for Victory: The Age of Racing, its new free to play massively multiplayer online racing game that projects you in the year 2062, 50 years after the world has been almost destroyed and where your only goal is to cross in first position the finish line at the wheel of your racing car.

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This patch delivers a new and improved Netcode that will give you a way better multiplayer online racing experience. Finally, car jitter is gone for normal fps and latency players and the new collision system now handles better car wrecks and contacts. Now, when you login to the game, you will be redirected at the brand new Dashboard: here you will be able to check out in real time your performance analysis, winnings and Rx rankings, your stats, latest news and more! The Racing Authority Registry now has a brand new home that shows you in real time the top drivers and Rx rankings other than the top voted cars in the game.

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