Partizan ambushes Land of Chaos Online

A new inhabitant appars from the darkness in LOCO, Partizan, is a top-ranked assassin with the Sisters of Darkness, a fellowship of elite killers who will take any job… provided the price is right. Her latest target – Leonic Darious, head of the Darious domain – has been missing for years, but that hasn’t deterred someone from purchasing a contract to end his life. The faint trail he left behind has led Partizan to a region in complete turmoil… the Land of Chaos.

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A master archer, Partizan takes down opponents from a distance by combining well-placed shots from her bow with devastating elemental skills. Her Flame Arrow continues to burn enemies long after it hits, her Frost Arrow will completely immobilize a target, and her Chain Killer Arrow skill lets her fire off three shots in the blink of an eye for massive damage.

Despite presenting such a powerful offensive front, Partizan’s talents do not include close combat, so players will need to rely heavily on her speed, agility, and diversionary abilities if they want to survive!

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