Otherland Takes Shape


New details about Otherland emerge today as the developer, DRAGO entertainment, moves towards the release this year. And probably we won't need to wait long: the next beta is scheduled for February.

Based on the best-selling novels by Tadd Williams, Otherland takes players to a series of virtual worlds, each with a completely unique look, connected by the same anchor: the "Lambda Mall", a central hub for players to socialize, full of bars, shops and player apartments.

DRAGO Entertianment promises a revolutionary crafting system that allows players to craft weapons and armor based on eDNA. This system implies that all items have their own virtual identity. Instead of finding recipes in loot drop or buying them at vendors, players extract eDNA fragments from enemies they killed and – once the eDNA strain is complete – craft items characteristic for that NPC. That’s where SOMA – the central game resource – comes into play as crafting requires multiple types of SOMA in various quantities. Further adding variety, items will be created with 1 to 3 sockets. In turn, these may be filled with 3 types of crystals to improve various stats.


Otherland shot 1 Otherland shot 2 Otherland shot 3 Otherland shot 4

We want to offer our players the chance to create their own, perfect armor at any time without restrictions,” said Lucjan Mikociak, CEO of DRAGO.

They are also working on U|Space – the housing system –, which has been completely reworked. Housing is now both better-looking and more user friendly. It includes a hub to easily jump between the many rooms and allows the option of item storage. However players must be careful: other players may raid the apartment and randomly steal one of the player’s items. Only the U|Cache, based in Lambda Mall, can safely store the most valuable items – for a fee.

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