Operation Gamma 41 has unveiled new info of its equipment

Just A Game has unveiled the details behind the items and equipment available in the strategy-war game, Operation Gamma 41, which is now in open beta.

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The majority of items in Operation Gamma 41 are used to speed up/unlock certain processes or enhance other aspects of your city or commander. All items come with a description explaining exactly what they do.
Whether speeding up recruiting and building through orders or collecting extra taxes, items can make tasks faster or easier.

Each Commander has five slots to equip: Epaulet, Cap, Uniform, Boots, and Weapons. Depending on how experienced they are (the number of stars), different generals will be able to equip advanced gear with better base stats and enchants. There are four different ways to improve an item: Star Upgrade, Bonus Upgrade, Refining, and Gem Inlay.

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