Onverse presents its new Web and ingame additions and upgrades

Onverse website has been completely redone from scratch. It is now much faster, more user-friendly and looks pretty slick too.

Also has completely redone its downtown Hub. All of the buildings and stores are now much larger, higher quality and full of tons more items than before. It also runs much smoother.

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Onverse want all the fun to be accessible and affordable to everyone, so they slashed the prices in most cases by over 60%, in addition more housing choices available for Player Points so the free players can upgrade beyond small cottages.

In just two weeks Onverse has added a lot of new places to go, items to buy and a new competition. See below for all the details

Burning Hills Castles

Burning Hills Mansions have been replaced with giant castles. The mansions just didn't go right with the theme and we have all of these castle-building pieces as well. Hopefully these giant castles will fit the theme better and give you a nice place to rule the lands on your throne of doom!

Fun in the Sun - The Tiki Taproom

After a long cold winter, it's time to have some fun in the sun. Break out your swimwear for a new Dance Club on Volcano Island called the Tiki Taproom! Along with the new hangout, there is a ton of new island-themed items available both in Tuscan Décor and Factory Fresh Imports. There is also a large tiki bar available at The Yard Sale. There are other smaller changes that can be found for a cool new look around all of Volcano island.

A New Beginning - Apartment Upgrades

The Metroview and Paradise Apartment complexes have been upgraded with improved textures and a more appealing layout full of artwork. The hallways were just too long and boring. This should be a welcome sight to all of our new players coming in!

Quest for Athena - New Competition

Mini Seymour was getting really tired of travelling the world and hiding in dark places, so we have replaced the Mini Seymour competition with the Quest for Athena. Quest for Athena is similar to the Seymour competition, but there are multiple prizes and multiple hiding spots across the world with a total payout of 2500 Cash Coins guaranteed! Check out our Announcement Forum for details on the Quest for Athena after every update.

New Skeleton Closet

The Skeleton Closet has been redone as. Well, we just didn't like it lol. Now the Skeleton closet is inside of a giant geode full of crystals. It's pretty stunning so be sure to check it out.

Hub Items and Hiking Gear

Many of the items you see around the new Hub have been converted into items you can own for your houses. You can find them in Factory Fresh Imports and their respective stores as well. We also had some cool new hiking gear for all the hiking trails that can be found in Biggy Sporting Goods.
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