November update for Florensia

Burda:ic has presented the massive Florensia November Patch. It’s literally bursting with new features that will make Florensia yet more enjoyable for all of you faithful members of our community. Combat Pets, New Ships, additional Upgrade System and more.

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Combat Pets

In contrast to the Looting Pets will the Combat Pets help you to survive the dangerous islands of the Hoomanil Ocean. Combat Pets are, as their name already reveals, trained to support you in your daily fight against the fierce and nasty monsters in Florensia.

New weapons
Loads of new cannons and other new weapons ready for you, sailors on the Hoomanil Ocean! All of them are Recipe-Based, the Recipes are available at the Owner of the Dockyard Joan in Cherrytown.

New ships
Completely new Ships (based on the 5 basic Ship types) are available via Recipe.

Armored: Sylph (Lv 40), Silpheed (Lv 48)
Big Gun: Casa (Lv 40), Salamander (Lv 48)
Torpedo: Nymph (Lv 40), Undine (Lv 48)
Maintenance: Hill (Lv 40), Priest (Lv 48)
Assault: Steed (Lv 40), Double Lanser (Lv 48)

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Additional Upgrade System: Item Option Fusion
Add random effects to weapons and armor through each island Lord NPC via paying Gelt (Dagger, One hand sword, Two hand sword, Rapier, Dual gun, Rifle, Cariad, Upper, Lower, Glove and Shoe [Impossible : Cash items, Accessory, Shield]).

There will be up to 10 different effects available, but you can only add max 4 options to one item. You can also delete effects if you don’t like what you randomly got. This upgrading can – just as the other upgrade system – fail, especially when reaching higher levels of the desired effects. The effect is limited to 24 hours. This limit can be reset when you add options one by one.

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