November update for Combat Arms Europe

Combat Arms gets a raft of new content designed to delight new and old ‘soldiers’ alike. Check some of the new features being integrated into the highly popular shooter:

Zombie Alert in Combat Arms!
In the fantastic new PvE Fireteam mission “Black Lung”, the hunt for the deadly virus sample created by the Nemexis Corp continues, picking up directly where “Operation: Overdose” ended. This new PvE Co-Op mission begins in an abandoned mine, consisting of a network of branching tunnels filled to the brim with ravenous, aggressive zombies. The objective is to eliminate all of the infected and eventually seal off the entire mining-complex, to prevent any further outbreak of the deadly virus.

Lock and Load, Soldier!
To aid their brave troops on this vital mission, Nexon is providing them with brand new weapons; including some heavy machine guns for those with twitchy trigger fingers – good aiming is not a primary concern here… better to spray and pray than to fall foul to a face full of zombie! These weapons are available in both PvE and PvP combat, so you can test them on both undead and human targets.

Winter Sale opens today!
This November, Nexon will be introducing special deals to the in-game store, with new goods rotating weekly until the end of the month. To celebrate Guy Fawkes Night, the first discounted items will be explosive items, allowing any budding anarchists to indulge their tendencies to the full in Combat Arms battles! Daily Reward Events will also be implemented from today, with bonus items awarded to players just for logging in to Combat Arms in the month of November!

To celebrate these updates, Nexon is also promoting a “Capture the Video” event, where players are encouraged to record and upload their successful Black Lung raids. The lucky winner will receive a €100 voucher for the item store.

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