Nosgoth Closed Beta Test Starts Tomorrow

Be prepared, fans of Nosgoth, as the closed beta for the new PvP action MMO from Psyonix & Square Enix is going to begin tomorrow, February 27th. During the closed beta, the game will be costantly updated with new maps, modes, weapons, classes, abilities, skins and much more.

Nosgoth screenshots (7)Nosgoth screenshots (5)

If you are one of the lucky users who managed to get into the closed beta, from tomorrow you will be able to join the war between Vampires and Humans by playing the horrifying blood-sucker or the nimble human. To celebrate the closed beta lunch, a new game mode will be available: Siege, where humans will have to capture different points of interests and keep them safe from the vampires.


Source of information: Square Enix press release


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