The Ninja Arrives in TERA Europe

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The Ninja Arrives in TERA Europe


The latest update for the European version of TERA introduces the new ninja class, along with flying mounts, new end-game dungeons and an overhaul of the Priest and Mystic classes. All those who log in by May 31, 2016, will be rewarded with a free character slot and a permanent 'Snowdrift' snow leopard mount.

The update brings a reworking of two supporting roles. Mystic and Priest now inflict much greater damage on bosses have a reduced cooldown on abilities. They can now assume a combat role if needed and wanted.

Three new dungeons for both solo and group players debut with this update: Celestial Arena, the 7-player raid Demokron Factory and the 5-player Shadow Sanguinary. Celestial Arena is a solo-player experience that challenges adventurers to a race against time with no class restriction. Here, players will earn tokens that can be exchanged for equipment or glyphs.

However, the most interesting elements with this update are the new ninja class, a damage dealer that uses stealthy tricks and quick evades, and the flying mounts. These new mounts will allow players (obviously) to fly in all directions using up flying energy.

Watch the trailer now:

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