New Zombie Mode Arrives on Brick-Force


A new game mode has been launched today on Brick-Force, the blocky online FPS from Infernum. This new Zombie mode turns one of the players into a brainless creature which have to infect as many other players as possible. The survivors will have to defend theirselves and face off the hordes of their fallen comrades.

Moreover this update will also feature some improvements to the engine, some modification to the interface and improved security.


fb-s4-screen5 fb-s4-screen4 fb-s4-screen3 fb-s4-screen2

There are also new  bricks to be added to the game: the Tall Grass bricks, that will slow down players, opening new tactical possibilities.

If you want to know more about this game, visit our profile by clicking on the "info" button below.



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