New weapons with the new year for Mission Against Terror

Mission Against Terror (M.A.T.) unveils a massive array of new weaponry to keep the action fast and frenetic. These new weapons come on the heels of December’s AI Mode update, which introduced the Weapon Crafting System, allowing players to build onea-kind guns of their dreams from destroyed robots.

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First on the list is the unlockable Dragonroar Bazooka for players who complete all four AI Mode stages under the Normal difficulty setting. The brand new AK47 Platinum and SCAR Nile Crocodile have also been introduced to add more fuel to the fire. By popular demand, the addition of a permanent option to the popular and widely used QBZ95 has been added temporarily. Other weapons with a permanent option will replace it in the near future so here’s your chance to get in and grab the QBZ95 as a permanent weapon before it’s gone.

“M.A.T. is not one of those games where players can level up by purchasing the right weapon,” said Sam Ho, Director, Wicked Interactive. “We believe in competition, we believe in earning points as the game’s primary driver.”

Also, for those looking for an extra edge, there are new additions to the online store: the highly lethal SVD Green Soul and the standard SCAR assault rifle as well as the mystical and mysterious duo from the sands, the XM8 Illusion and the SCAR Nile Crocodile.

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