New Update for Sphere 3: Forgotten Lands: Part I

New Update for Sphere 3: Forgotten Lands: Part I


Sphere 3: Enchanted World has received a new content update, introducing new high level areas, new world bosses, new quests, a new castle and new gear, weapons and armors. Players will be able to raise their character level up to 50.

"Exciting and dynamic PVP-action keeps picking up steam! This add-on gives our players the chance to explore new territories, complete different quests, get new level-cap, capture the castle and gain a great political force, — says CEO of NIKITA ONLINE Stepan Zotov. — We hope that battles in Forgotten lands will attract armies of heroes and massive sieges of In’Kaliat will leave their mark in history of Sphere".

The new castle, In’Kaliat, is a new piece of architecture with 5 banners. It's level 50 and it must be captured in 1 hour 15 minutes. The owner of this castle will receive equipment and potions of level 50, a new mount and castle blessing.



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