New site and trailer for Scarlet Blade


Aeria Games just released a brand new site for its mature sci-fi MMORPG Scarlet Blade. On the new official site you can find a lot of interesting details about the game and its lovey and lethal ladies.

In addition, a new trailer show you the different playable classes of the game:

- The playful Whipper, a bundle of endless energy who revels in the pain she inflicts on her foes.
- The stalwart Defender, wielding a massive sword with ease to stand between her allies and certain death.
- The noble Medic, charged with keeping her fellow Arkana’s hearts beating on the battlefield.
- The deadly Punisher, a cool and efficient killing machine with unrivaled long-range firepower.
- The stealthy Shadow Walker, who loves to get up close and feel the spray of her enemies’ blood on her razor-sharp claws.

Source of informations: Aeria Games press release

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