New Raid Dungeon and New PvP Season in ELOA

ELOA: Elite Lord of Alliance's newest content update, dubbed "The Looters", introduces a new raid dungeon: Den of the Looters, along with a new PvP season with special rewards and a Valentine event.

ELOA Den of the looters dungeon screenshot F2p3

The new raid dungeon takes players to a place with poisonous monsters where many traps capable of inflicting massive damage have been laid. Those who complete it will be rewarded with level 40 unique weapons for all classes.

The new PvP season is starting with a special event, "The Battle". From today until February 2nd, players will be able to participate and get special rewards, like different protection scrolls.

In addition, ELOA is organizing a Valentine event from today to February 16th. Players will get a special Valentine White Chocolate, Valentine Chocolate, and Valentine Event Surprise Box dropped from event boss monsters in different regions. Within the surprise box players will have a chance to win the Pure White Nightmare costume, weapon costumes, pets, potions and other stuff.

ELOA Den of the looters dungeon screenshot F2p1 ELOA Den of the looters dungeon screenshot F2p2

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Source: Webzen Press Release.

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