New Opening and Content for Marvel Heroes 2016


The recently released Captain America: Civil War movie brings to Marvel Heroes 2016 new content and a brand-new gameplay opening trailer. The latest content update to the free to play action MMO introduces new movie-inspired costumes, a new gameplay scenario, two themed mystery boxes (in which players can get two exclusive team-up super heroes) and a free Captain America or Iron Man character unlock through the site.

Additionally, due to the InstaPlay streaming technology, new U.S. players won't need to wait out a huge download to enter the game. This technology from Ubitus Inc. allows for almost immediate access.

“A huge movie release like Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War demands that we keep pace with an equally huge update to Marvel Heroes 2016 – and whether you support Team Cap or Team Iron Man, we’ve got plenty for you to sink your teeth into,” says Jeff Lind, Gazillion’s Chief Operating Officer. “Also, with our new player experience launching today – and with no more download wait for many U.S.-based players, thanks to Ubitus’ InstaPlay technology – the game has never delivered such an immediate immersion into the Marvel Universe. If Marvel Heroes 2016 hasn’t won you over yet as a new player, all of this great new content just might do the trick.”

The new video introduces three playable Avengers – Captain America, Black Widow and the Hulk – as they team up to fight Ultron and save Times Square. Check it out:

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