A New MMORTS Empyrean Rule

A New MMORTS Empyrean Rule
A New MMORTS Empyrean Rule


Empyrean Rule – The Rise of the Ancients will be the first game published by Innofame, a development team with quite some experience on online strategy titles. Currently in pre-Alpha, it is described as a mix of Total War, Civilization and EVE Online in a fantasy setting. It's a real-time strategy MMO where players command fantasy armies in 3D battles.

Players will be able to create their own armies, choosing from a great variety of units (such as light and heavy infantry or cavalry), different races and heroes, to conquer and control regions, helping in the forging and managing of empires in a player-driven economy with custom crafting of tradable goods.


Empyrean Rule screenshot 3 Empyrean Rule screenshot 2 Empyrean Rule screenshot 1 Empyrean Rule screenshot 4

Empyrean Rule will feature in-depth battle mechanics, like field of view and interactive battlefields; a huge variety of spells and special abilities; different gameplay modes: single-player, co-op and PvP battles up to 6v6 players; a massive open-world with free roaming; trading, diplomacy and espionage; and VR support: Oculus Rift support.

Check out some pre-Alpha gameplay footage:


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