New Major Update for Shards of War


Shards of War is receiving a new content update, the biggest to date, that introduces some major elements, such as a new tower targeting priority system or the new observer mode, and a new playable character: Calibre, an assassin that specializes in damage across multiple targets.

All of the previous active items as well as select passive ones have been removed entirely from the game. They have been replaced with a completely revamped crafting system, alongside an all-new collection of “Custom Items”, including five character-specific items for each Sentinel.

The tower targeting priority system has been amended to always attack enemy sentinels who are damaging friendly Sentinels in range. Additionally, the healing pads will now provide periodic healing buffs that can be picked up.

This update also incorporates the first iteration of an observer mode for Shards of War. When creating custom games, players will be able to invite friends into observer slots who can switchthrough player perspectives and free-cam, as well as toggle “fog of war.”


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