New Major Update for Might & Magic Heroes Online


Ubisoft has just unveiled a new update for Might & Magic Heroes Online: The Guild province Expeditions. This update introduces new content especially created for co-op gameplay and guilds. They have released a video in which the Lead Game Designer explains this new feature in detail, watch it below.

The Guild Province is a new region where players can combine their forces and establish a headquarters for their guild.


MMHO_guild_province_2_1432742962 MMHO_expeditions_1432742961 MMHO_troop_dwelling_restored_1432742963

The buildings within the Guild Province need to be restored by contributions from each member of a guild. By rebuilding them, guilds get access to powerful buffs, different traders, new troops and new Expeditions. Once a ruin is completely restored, all benefits become available for all guild members.

Also, dominating guilds of each Expedition will be highlighted on the Travel Map and receive a bonus for all members. And to make it fair, Expeditions are reset every week to offer new challenges.


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