The New Horizons Expansion Is Coming To Perfect World International


Perfect World International is going to receive a brand new expansion later this winter. The New Horizons expansion will add to the game several new features which should enhance the gameplay experience for charaters of all levels by adding new items, zones, skills, quests and some more unique elements.

NH Dungeon 1NH Envi 3NH Envi 2NH Envi 1

With the new ascension system, if you have a character of Lv 100 or higher, you can choose to be reborn as a new level 1 character carrying on some of your stats and starting again the adventure with an unimaginable power, gaining access to a new level of spiritual coltivation.

A new card game will also be added to the game, with artworks taking inspiration from all the PWE games. You can collect cards by slaying several bosses around the world and use them to play and battle against other players.

NH Dungeon 5NH Dungeon 4NH Dungeon 3NH Dungeon 2

Source of information: Perfect World Entertainment press release

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