A New “Gigantic” MOBA Is Born


A new free-to-play MOBA has been announced: say "hi" to Gigantic, the new game from Motiga, which promises to use physics-based abilities and controls to reinvent the genre with the chance to aim, dodge, destroy the environment and more.

"It’s hard to pull something like this off if you don’t love the game as much as we do. Even the name of the game was the result of a collaborative effort. We toiled over possible names for months because we wanted to make sure that the name did justice to the game we were making. The name we chose was a late entry from one of our artists.", said Christ Chung.

Watch the announcement trailer here:

In the game, set in a magical world full of interesting elements such as airships and ancient ruins, your team is bound to a powerful guardian which wanders around the battlefield  to destroy your enemies.


Gigantic screenshot 9 Gigantic screenshot 8 Gigantic screenshot 7 Gigantic screenshot 6

Very little is known, but alpha testing is coming up soon and the studio will be at PAX Prime, so soon enough will have more info for you.

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  1. Liberty July 19, 2016 at 11:27 PM -

    Action requires knwdleoge, and now I can act!

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