New Ghost Recon Phantoms and Assassin’s Creed crossover


A new Assassin's Creed pack is arrived to Ghost Recon Phantoms. This time every class will have its very own equipment set inspired by the Assassin's Creed franchise, such as weapons, armor and headgear.


The community response was very positive when we released our first Assassin’s Creed crossover during open beta for the Recon class. So we decided to produce a brand new and much more in-depth Assassin’s Creed pack including gear and weapons for all three classes,” said Felix Marlo Flor, Ghost Recon Phantoms art director. “Bringing Assassin’s Creed into the futuristic setting of Ghost Recon Phantoms while staying true to both worlds was an exciting challenge. We looked at the similarities between the Ghosts and Assassins, both are stealthy, elite warriors, who fight for justice, and fused those similarities to create a crossover that fits naturally into Ghost Recon Phantoms.

The new Asassin's Creed themed items will be available starting from today and for 4 weeks, and include:

- Three new Assassin’s Creed Hoods and Tactical Suits
- New Tier VII Assassin’s Creed themed weapons (Ak-12 SV AC, PKM SV AC, M3A1 C AC, M960 C AC, M14 Tactical AC)
- Five classic Assassin’s Creed pack weapons (F2000 SP AC, Fiveseven AC, MG36 KV AC, P90 C AC, Sentinel SR-1 AC)


Source of information: Ubisoft press release

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