New Digimon and updates are coming to Digimon Masters Online

Joymax, has announced the addition of the duo of Keenan and his digimon partner Falcomon, for their online massive multiplayer title, Digimon Masters Online.

The arrival of Keenan coincides with the start Joymax's "New Tamers" event.
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When your Partner Digimon reaches level 41, players will receive a Mystery Mercenary Digi-Egg, 3 Evoluters, and a 7-day Smart School Uniform. Returning Tamers will receive a 30-day EXP Equipment Set, Jump Boosters for the Yokohama and Western areas, 50 million gold, and a randomly reinforced Mercenary Digi-Egg.

Digimon Tamers are hard at work training their Digimon to the new max level of 75. In addition the players can acquire one of the three new Mercenary Eggs, V-mon, Patamon, Dokunemon and Salamon can now all be discovered by a skilled trainer with true mercenary skills. Five new maps will also be available for players to romp on, including Snowstorm Village, the terrifying Frozen Ground, cheerful Snowman Village, the ominous Distorted Data Village, and the Infinite Ice Wall.
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