New Dark Descent update for Kings and Legends


GameSpree is launching a new exciting update for Kings and Legends, its card-based browser game. Announced today, the "Dark Descent." update will feature brand-new cards with entirely new abilities, increased level caps, a new continent and a host of exciting new features for the card battling MMORPG.

This update is going to increase the level cap from 50 to 60,  add a new Lucky Draw system, a new boss dungeon, new equipment and will see the addition of a new game server.

DarkDescent_Update1.2 copy

"With the new update of "Dark Descent" we will again radically increase the content with the all new cards, abilities, boosters and maps which our ever-growing community has been asking for," said Alexander Reitsma, Managing Director of Kings and Legends publisher GameSpree. "We are sure that we will see new tactics coming to the fore from both experienced players and the thousands of new players we see discovering the game each day."

Source of information: GameSpree press release

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