New Content Update Coming to Neverwinter on May 2

Neverwinter is a free-to-play action MMORPG
New Content Update Coming to Neverwinter on May 2


Neverwinter's next content update, 'Shroud of Souls', will be released on May 2 for PC and during this Spring for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. This new update will close out the story of the previous update (Cloaked Ascendancy) and will introduce a new adventure, the loadouts feature, a new stronghold siege event, a customizable Guild Hall social space and some quality of life improvements.

Players will have to travel to the River District once more to fight a dragonborn necromancer who wields a powerful artifact: the Shroud of Souls. She controls an army of wraiths and wants to summon powerful spirits to take over the world.

The update will bring the long-awaited Loadouts, a new feature that allows players to create different builds and swap between them.


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