Neverwinter shows us Helm’s Hold


Perfect World Entertainment has just unveiled some new details and a new video for its upcoming fantasy MMORPG Neverwinter, highlighting the stronghold of Helm’s Hold, inhabited by devils and fiendish creatures.

The Helm’s Hold, once  a sanctuary and safe haven, is now house of devils and horrible creatures. The victims of the Spellplague, who refuged in the stronghold, soon discovered the town was under the control of a devil-worshipping cult led by their Prophet, a traitorous Succubus called Rohini. Helm’s Hold was no longer a safe harbor. Heroes and heroines of the Forgotten Realms had to band together and stop the cult’s plans, save those it would sacrifice and the holy place they would profane, and slay Rohini and her minions.

Moreover, players will have to slay the Chartillifax, a powerful green dragon who guard the Hex Locus, one of Rohini's artifacts.


Source of information: Perfect World press release


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