Neverwinter Shows off the Scourge Warlock


Perfect World unveils new images and a new trailer highlighting the Scourge Warlock, the brand new class which will be available in Tyranny of Dragons, the upcoming new module of Neverwinter.

Coming into the game on August 14, 2014, this new class uses the eldritch dark magic to summon powerful minions and soul puppets, debuff enemies and deal tons of damage in order to stop the threat of the growing Cult of the Dragon.

Watch the trailer here:



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neverwinter_scourge_warlock_071414_21_wm neverwinter_scourge_warlock_071414_18_wm neverwinter_scourge_warlock_071414_8_wm neverwinter_scourge_warlock_071414_3_wm

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