Neverwinter at Gamescom

We couldn’t leave the Gamescom without stopping by Perfect World’s booth and check what’s new in Neverwinter, the Dungeons and Dragons MMO. We were welcomed by Maikel van Dijk, PR Manager for Perfect World Europe, who introduced us to the latest changes and what’s coming up for Neverwinter.

Let's cut to the chase and show you the interesting stuff (you can watch the presentation on the video below if you want to): there is a new module (content patch/expansion) called Tyranny of Dragons, which puts the players facing the Dragon Cult, which grants a lot of Dragon encounters scattered across the known map.

There is a new class added to the game called the Scourge Warlock, which we have seen in action. The skills are pretty unique and the effects are very innovate and polished, it will have a DPS/Debuffer role since the other common roles are covered already, it will be a great addition to a party.

Dragonborn race has been introduced as well, one of the most popular non-basic races has been implemented, the details on it are impressive, the scales, the features on the head and face, every single thing you would expect is there, of course they have racial bonuses and such like other races.

Mikael also told us about a new dungeon, skirmishes, heroic encounters, pets and mounts, but what really piqued our interest is the artifact gear. Previously there were Artifact slots where players could put Artifacts which would grant stats and powerful skills with cooldowns. The best thing about them though is they level up, so you don’t have to look for new Artifacts as you level up. They level up by feeding these artifacts other pieces of gear that you get and won’t use.

So now they also have regular pieces of gear as Artifacts, for instance you can get an Artifact belt, and once you level it up they are the best-in-slot items in the game. Most of the new additions are accessible to all players instantly while others will require players to spend some coins in the shop, which players can earn by playing or by paying with real money.

We'll be publishing a review soon. For now, if you want to know more about Neverwinter, click on the "info" button below and visit our profile.

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