Neowiz Games has launched today its sci-fi MMORPG, Seven Souls Online

Neowiz Games has launched today its sci-fi fantasy combat-based MMORPG Seven Souls Online

The game comes with the addition of a cash shop, where players can purchase items to aid with questing, such as additional inventory space, customization options and more.

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In Seven Souls Online, the players can unleash their inner demon in a fantasy world that combines ancient East and West with elements of science fiction.

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In addition, to commemorate the official launch of the game, Neowiz Games is celebrating several in-game events for players to participate in:

- Easter egg hunt – From X to Y, Easter eggs containing valuable items will be scattered throughout the world of Akkadia for players to discover and gather.
- 10 percent bonus – Any player who purchases in-game currency by April 10 will receive an additional 10 percent in bonus currency.
- Max combo contest – Seven Souls Online’s combo system allows players to increase their damage output by chaining together attacks. Combatants who submit a screenshot of their highest combo chains will be entered to win one of seven cosmetic sets of armor.
- Boss monster video contest – Groups of adventurers who submit a video of their best battle to take down an in-game boss monster will have a chance to win a permanent tiger mount.

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