Neonga has finished the Open Beta Phase of A Mystical Land, and has released its first expansion

A Mystical Land has ended its Open Beta Phase, and has launched its first expansion, the Villages.

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Country life, village founding, farming and housing
The world of “A Mystical Land” keeps growing with the end of the open beta phase! The fantasy role play game is successfully finishing the test phase with loads of new features in the new version. Besides the improvement of crafting, it is now possible to move into one’s own house and grow one’s own produce. Furthermore, seven new zones expand the world to a virtual 26 million square meters.

Life in the Browser: Farm House or Guild Manor?
The expansion “The Villages” will open a new chapter in “A Mystical Land”. Players can found their own villages and build houses according to their wishes and together with their friends. Countless construction possibilities make each house as individual as the players are themselves. Furthermore, players can grow their own crops in a little garden in the backyard. The resulting resources can then be used for new, mighty recipes which prove to become essential during combat. Farming and Crafting are intertwined in an innovative way and offer new challenges to craftsmen, merchants and adventurers.

New Zones, new Weapons, new Bosses:
In seven new zones, new achievements and items are waiting. New dangers and challenges such as the evil and mighty Banshee Queen are waiting beyond the lush green meadows surrounding Ardent City. Guarding the dark dungeons of The Cathedral, she is anxiously awaiting more groups of brave heroes. All in all, five new and powerful zone bosses are living in the new as well as existing areas of “A Mystical Land”

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