Ndoors unveils Carmilla, a new mercenary for Atlantica Online

In celebration of its two-year anniversary, Atlantica Online recently introduced its first user-created mercenary, Carmilla the Vampire Countess, who was first designed during the Merc Madness event in March 2010.

The latest playable mercenary from Ndoors Interactive provides players with several tactical advantages as they battle their way through historical monsters in a quest to conquer Atlantis. Depending on if players are feeling naughty or nice, Carmilla’s spells can be utilized in multiple ways. Players can continually drain enemies’ health to cause severe damage or to heal their allies while in battle. Her skills include:

Dark Harmony
Carmilla can use her superb healing skill to heal her allies while in battle.

Dusk Elegy
With this spell, Carmilla can deal damage to multiple enemies over time while also absorbing her enemies’ health for her own.

Vampiric Thirst
This skill allows Carmilla to deal damage while also restoring the vampire’s health.

Additionally, players can currently purchase Carmilla-themed items from the in-game store, including:

- Carmilla’s magic skill books.
- Carmilla’s Coffin, which gives players the chance to win Carmilla.
- Carmilla’s Rose, which allows players to summon Carmilla straight to their teams.

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