Naval war types in Voyage Century Online

In Voyage Century Online, players have the chance to use their naval might to conquer their enemies and control shipping lanes worth untold fortunes.

In the game you can find, 3 major types of naval wars: Broadside Battles, Ramming Battles and Boarding Party Battles.

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- In Broadside Battles, the keys are knowing how best to control your ships and your accuracy when firing on your targets.
- In Ramming Battles and Boarding Party Battles, your success is tied to your sailors’ equipment and the captain’s fighting ability.

Employing the best tactics is very important. Any decision may be the difference between winning and losing.

The open seas aren’t the only point of conflict in this game, though. Players can also fight to claim strategically and financially important ports. There are more than 40 ports up for grabs. Players can team up to attack a target’s base to earn the benefits each one possesses. Losing these supply ports can spell trouble for those who fall in defeat, since some are crucial in the production of rare resources.

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