Mythic Glory Open Beta Press Release

Mythic Glory Open Beta Press Release

Mythic Glory enters Open Beta - Play Now

Following a successful Open Alpha test phase for their latest title,free-to-play MMO Mythic Glory Mythic Glory , from R2Games is proud to announce to the world that the game is officially entering Open Beta. Servers and Characters are now permanent, and gamers everywhere are encouraged to take their first steps in the persistent online world of Mythic Glory.

Here the video for the Game Design

R2Games extends a sincere ‘thank you’ to everyone that participated in the Open Alpha stage. Feedback at such an early point is invaluable, and helps shape the games as it grows into what the fanbase wants.

Mythic Glory is a brand new browser MMORPG set in a persistent online world, populated by thousands of players working together - or against each other - for ultimate world domination. There’s a chaotic evil looming, and it’s up to players to save the realm from certain destruction. An expansive single player journey awaits, backed up by in-depth online social systems including guilds, world events, dungeons, boss rushes, and much more.

MYG Guide here

MYG is a fantasy-based, offering the choice of play a Knkght, a Ranger or a Mage, try the game

Join the Open Beta here!

MYG Features:

Foretold Fable: Discover an exciting single-player storyline taking you on the first steps towards embracing a legendary destiny.

Training: Enhance your adventurer with all manner of gear and skill upgrades.

Cosmopolitan: Participate in guild v. guild battles or chill out and chat with players from all over the globe.

See the Arena System video here

See the Brawls System Indroduction

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