Myth War 2 presents the Dream Set

The most awesome equipment set in Myth War II is the Dream set. Hard to collect and equally hard to ignore, the Dream set has more attribute bonuses than anything else out there.
Plus, all of the pieces in the set can be refined and socketed with gems.

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Helmet: Bedelaer

This helmet used to belong to Paladin, who gave it to his loyal envoy, Bedelaer. It is made of sally port elemental stone and is so heavy that only a strong warrior can wear it. All the spells of the dark world are useless against it.

Armor: Rodsle

This armor has the greatest defensive power in the world! Rodsle, one of the 12 Soul Lords, made it using 10,000 mirror spirit stone. It has unbelievable power to counteract all the physical and spell damage directed at it. Rodsle gave it his name, for it was his favorite suit of armor.

War Boots: Hellgar

Dammam, the greatest blacksmith in the world, made these boots chiefly from magic iron and dragon blood. He named the boots after his son, Hellgar. These holy boots were intended for the leader of royal knight team, known as the Guard of Order because of the boots’ Stun, Chaos and Hypnotize skills.

Boots: Elven Alacrity Boots

These boots belonged to the elven king, Somalia. They were made by the best cobbler in the elven kingdom using Hell Dragon Scale from Devil’s Gate and demon fur from Demon Forest. After putting them on, the owner is granted a sharp increase in speed. The boots were stolen during the elven rebellion and Somalia was killed because he had lost them.

Holy Necklace: Allah Gall

This necklace belonged to the Evil God Thanatus. It is cursed with death and darkness. Poison, Frailty, and even Death are nothing to this necklace. It can also increase its owner’s max HP. Though it was almost destroyed by the Fire Sword, it was repaired using five precious soul stones, making it even stronger.

Holy Necklace: Satan

This was the necklace of Takhis, the lord of hell. Takhis killed Satan and then used his heart’s blood and a dark gem to create this necklace. It can increase the wearer’s max HP. It was destroyed by the Fire Sword, but the Blacksmith God reassembled it.

Holy Necklace: Perrault

This necklace belonged to the leader of the dragons, Maros. It is imbued with the powers of wind, earth, water, fire, darkness, light, and thunder, and contains the soul of a dragon! It can absorb nature’s power and use it to counterattack the casters. When the dragon tribes began to die out, some dragons took it to the frozen place known as Icy Field, where it awaits a new owner.

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