Myth Angels Online: Newbie giftbox keys giveaway

To celebrate the new expansion of Myth Angels Online and Cerberus, a new server coming soon on December 14th, thanks to USERJOY, we are giving away newbie giftboxes, a fast Grow up Gift Pack for you to have an easy start in MAO. Each pack contains regular Red and Blue potion x 200 & double EXP and double Job EXP (30 mins) card x 5.

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Get your key right here.

1. The gift key only applies to New Registration Account only.
2. There is limited quantity. So, seize the moment before keys run out!
3. In case of any obstruction to the event, USERJOY retains the right to amend, pause or terminate the event without any further notice.

1. Sign up here For PlayUJ member first.
2. Get your key; Select “Redeem” to redeem your gift key.
3. You’ll receive the Fast Grow Up Gift Pack in your Backpack in Myth Angels Online by finding NPC “Redeem Staff. Please make sure that you have a least one empty item slot upon claiming the gift.

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