More than 100.000 players have joined the open beta of DragonSoul

Neonga has revealed that DragonSoul has reached an important milestone: More than 100,000 player have registered for its open beta.

Some players have already reached level 50 since the open beta launched 3 days ago. Their final goal is to reach level 100, opening up even more exciting challenges. Especially this end-game phase, DragonSoul's PvP features provide a compelling long-term motivation.

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To rule over the eight kingdoms, the first guilds are recruiting and players are beginning to organize themselves. Next stop on their way to dominate the battlefield guilds will need to fuse together, creating even mightier alliances to defend their kingdom in gory PvP battles as powerful armies or to engage enemy kingdoms in war. As soon as the first king has acceded to the throne, schemes, assassinations and great battles will embroil the world of DragonSoul with intrigues - and so the struggle for power begins.

“Finally, we can show our players the truly impressive elements of DragonSoul. The growing number of players on our servers and the feedback show that our efforts are now paying off! Additionally we have started the promoting DragonSoul internationally - so it is safe to say that this is just the beginning!” says Rolf Kloeppel, Neonga’s CEO.

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