The Mission System Arrives to World of Tanks

World of Tanks is the first and only team-based, massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warfare

The all-new mission system for World of Tanks is now available, featuring personalized campaign setup and unique in-game rewards for all players. This new system gives players the opportunity to personalize their mission experience by selecting specific missions from a variety of different campaigns and offers unique rewards upon completion.


WoT Mission (1) WoT Mission (2) WoT Mission (3)_1

Each campaign in the new setup is composed of a set of missions for players to choose from. But there are no restrictions. Missions can be completed from different campaigns without playing them in succession.

After completing a chain of missions in a campaign, players will earn unique prizes specific to each mission. These new rewards include credits, Free Experience points, and high tier vehicles, the StuG IV (Tier 5), T28 heavy tank concept (Tier 7), Т-55 NVA DDR (Tier 9), and Object 260 (Tier 10), all with 100% tank crew, as well as the Sisterhood of Steel perk and female crew members.


wot tanks (4)_1 wot tanks (1) wot tanks (3)_1 wot tanks (2)_1

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