Mission Against Terror reveals a new feature: the achievements

Mission Against Terror presents a new feature of the game: the achievements, that will delight both long-time players and games who have just discovered the popular, free-to-play shooter that's celebrating its 6-month anniversary in a big way.

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"In order for everyone in the M.A.T. community to share in this celebration, we have not simply broadened the firepower options, we have increased the ways in which gamers, of all skill-levels and play-style, can obtain these weapons," said Sam Ho, Director, Wicked Interactive, publisher of Mission Against Terror.


· Conversion: Players who convert 10000 SUBA Points to Gold Coins between the launch of this patch and the next major monthly patch will get a free 60 Day Tactical GLOCK handgun which sports a two-tone look and a silencer. Players who convert 30000 SP to Gold will get a free 90-Day Enhanced Tactical AK47, which sports a red-dot scope and an ammo drum for prolonged periods of shooting before needing to reload.

· Bonus, Baby: Now you get an extra reward for your skills. In addition to honor points, you now get a special discount on a package of items based on what bonus you have. There are 4 versions of this particular package. Those with the highest scores get the “Diamond Bonus.”

· Lucky, Punk: There's a new prestige, onea-kind, exclusive item on the Lottery Wheel. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Dual XM8 Compacts, a high-powered number with perpetual duration, if you know what I mean. (So, tell us: Are you feeling lucky?)

· Duration: Players who log in and play for 14 days straight(playing one full game is a requirement) get a Display Shop coupon, which can be redeemed for special items that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Among these items are such heavy-hitters as the AWP Tribal Hunter (a one-hit killer with extra ammo per clip) and the RPG7 Silver (rocket launcher that can fire rockets in quick succession).

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