Mission Against Terror (MAT) introduces a Clan system

Suba Games has unleashed Clan system for Mission Against Terror (MAT). The heart and soul of the clan system is the Clan Battle server, where clans can participate in 5v5 or 8v8 scrims. Clan leaders will be required to be a seasoned veteran at Rank 20 to be able to create a clan, with members only requiring minimal battlefield experience at Rank 5 to join a clan.

Up to 1200 soldiers in total can be enlisted at any given time. Players can send applications to clans completely within the system without the need to visit clan-specific forums or anything third party, and clan leaders can approve or deny applications with ease.

Players create a game much like a regular game room but only members of the same clan can join that room. Once the team of 5 or the team of 8 is all ready to go, the system will match the team with another team of the same size and the match will begin. Results are tracked by the system and clans are ranked based on their performance, encouraging competitive play. There’s no need to set designated times or coordinate with other clans to get a clan match going, matchmaking is done in real-time and on-the-fly, allowing for less wasted time setting things up and more time taking each other down. The Clan Battle server will be open every day from 4:00PM EDT(GMT -5) to 12:00 Midnight.

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