Mission Against Terror goes Bonnie & Clyde for Valentine’s Day

Mission Against Terror (M.A.T.) is all about the love.
To prove it,has launched a special Valentine's Day contest that allows you to marry the object of your virtual affection, then go hog wild with them for the chance to win various in-game items as well as a real-life box of chocolates delivered right to your door.

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How to Get Married in M.A.T.:

·The members of the couple should each have a Wedding Ring in their inventory. How nice would it be to have your significant other gift you a Wedding Ring? <3

·Either make a chatroom or join one. Both of you should be in the same chat room.

·Click on your significant other and then click the Propose button.

·Your significant other will have an opportunity to accept or deny your request. If your request is denied, only the proposer's Wedding Ring vanishes. If your request is accepted, both Wedding Rings disappear and you officially become a couple!

·Couples receive a complementary Love Pack which contains all sorts of goodies, the most notable of the bunch being the Lover's Union AK47 for 30 days! This is the only way to get your hands on this weapon!

·Couples have to achieve Level 4 intimacy in order to enter a drawing to receive special in-game items and that box of chocolates.

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